Creating Perfect MIDI Files from Synthesia Piano Videos

13 Jul 2024

Why use MIDI files? MIDI files are extremely useful for practicing various musical instruments such as a keyboard or digital piano. You can load the MIDI file into a device such as an tablet or phone and synchronise your instrument with the MIDI file. This allows you to practice effectively using apps such as Synthesia.…read more.

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Optimising Move Sprint in Jira: A Case of Innovation

30 Nov 2023

Onslaught of clicks to move a single sprint My engineering team conducts sprint planning sessions fortnightly. We create a new sprint in Jira ahead of time and refine our list of issues we want to tackle for the upcoming sprint during sprint planning. New sprints are always created at the bottom of the backlog in…read more.


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DIY: Building an RGB Led Matrix

31 Oct 2021

Overview After using a tiny LED screen as a digital clock that was too hard to read at a distance, I decided I wanted a bigger one and wanted to do it as a DIY project. This post details how I build my own powerful big RGB LED Matrix. Required parts Most parts were sourced…read more.

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Automating Westpac’s 3% p.a. return on your savings

11 Jul 2021

Preface I like to keep a certain amount of capital in my Australian banks savings account that I like to leave untouched. This cash is there to serve two primary purposes: Acts as emergency fund Covers any future taxes owed However, unfortunately the bank I’ve been with since the age of 5, Commonwealth Bank, offers…read more.

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A closer look at Dine & Discover NSW Vouchers

25 Mar 2021

Overview The NSW Government has launched Dine & Discover NSW to encourage the community to get out and about and support dining, arts and tourism businesses. NSW residents aged 18 and over can apply for 4 x $25 vouchers, worth $100 in total. 2 x $25 Dine NSW Vouchers to be used for dining in at restaurants,…read more.


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sanitize-html-react Vulnerability

21 Nov 2020

Overview At work, we tend to test our near-complete features internally as a team to capture any bugs before they are shipped to customers. We call this process a ‘blitz’ and it has successfully caught many bugs for us that can be addressed before shipping a feature. In this case, I was testing a sanitization…read more.

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Disable Slack @channel and @here notification for all channels

01 Sep 2020

Problem Slack can get very noisy if you are part of a big organisation. Slack offers various notification controls on a per-channel basis. You can choose to be notified if: There is a new message Somebody mentions you Somebody mentions @channel or @here Never For example: Slack points out that you can tweak your workspace-wide…read more.


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Rewriting with React

20 Jul 2020

Learning React Recently I have spent some time learning React as it is the front end library of choice at my workplace Atlassian. Learning React was quite easy and intuitive. I used a handful of resources and one I’d like to heavily recommend to beginners is React.js Essential Training by Eve Porcello. Previously, all of…read more.

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Finding the annoying noise in my system (GPU Fan spin up)

11 Jul 2020

The Overclock Catastrophe After 8 months of owning the Ryzen 3900X, I made the decision to try and overclock it to squeeze out some performance. This turned out to be a big mistake as I had somehow damaged my GPU fans during one attempt where I undervolted the VCORE too severely causing an instant shutdown…read more.

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Git Commit Message Hook for JIRA Issue Keys

08 Jul 2020

Overview Credits to this StackOverflow answer: ❤ Follow these steps to set up a global commit message hook that will extract the issue key from your branch id and prepend it to your commit messages automatically. This allows other team members to easily track down who wrote what code. Steps Make sure you have…read more.


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