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Git Commit Message Hook for JIRA Issue Keys

08 Jul 2020


Credits to this StackOverflow answer:

Follow these steps to set up a global commit message hook that will extract the issue key from your branch id and prepend it to your commit messages automatically. This allows other team members to easily track down who wrote what code.


    1. Make sure you have a variant of grep installed that supports PCRE
      • On Mac you can do this using: brew install ggrep
    2. Create folder somewhere on disk for global git hooks

    3. Make a file here called commit-msg  with the following content. File is also available here.
      NOTE: Replace grep with ggrep if needed (for Mac)

    4. Make this file executable

    5. Configure git to globally use this folder as the global hook folder

Jira Issue Git Commit Prehook Example


The regexp used will match:

  • ✔️ TASK-100
  • ✔️ JAVA-1-is-the-best
  • ✔️ ROBOT-777-LETS-get-it-done-2
  • ✔️ issues/EASY-42-its-too-easy-baby

Works but be careful with:

  • ⚠️ DEJAVU-1-DEJAVU-2-maybe-dont-do-this

Will not match:

  • test-500-lowercase-wont-work
  • TEST100-nope-not-like-this

Warning: Global hooks will override local repository hooks if the projects you are using utilises them.


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