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HACKvent 2015: Day 2

07 Dec 2015
CTF: Hackvent 2015
Link to challenge:
Date Completed: 07 December 2015



After some Googling I realise this is the Klingon language from Star Trek.
I try some online translators (including Bing!) and it is clear that the message is a series of numbers that containor 1 only.
This is most likely binary that represents ASCII text.

I write a small script to convert each component in the text (based on a Klingon number guide):

This prints out some binary:

Total number of bits is 232 and 232/8 bits = 29 bytes.
This is exactly the number of characters in our nugget!

We convert the binary to ASCII and get the flag:

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Advent Of Code 2015: Day 2

02 Dec 2015
CTF: Advent Of Code 2015
Link to challenge:
Date Completed: 02/12/2015

The Challenge


This challenge was very simple. I whipped up a short python script that solves it. The use of sorted to get the second smallest integer is not pretty but insignificant with such small numbers.

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