HACKvent 2015: Day 14

14 Dec 2015
CTF: Hackvent 2015
Link to challenge:
Date Completed: 14 December 2015


The following Windows binary was also provided: Download EXE File


I download the binary and run it and am presented with the following program:

Hackvent Day 14 Program

It turns out that this program will tell you (via a messagebox) if you enter in the correct daily nugget or not!
So all we have to do is check the binary to see what causes the successful message box to appear.

Note: You can do this challenge using IDA or a .NET disassembler like ILSpy (link).

If using IDA, its useful to be familiar with CIL instructions.

ILSpy Approach
I decided to use ILSpy as it is apparently a very good .NET disassembler. I open the program and load the binary and it disassembles it into various classes as you would expect.
We are mainly interested in the hv15 class. By searching for strings like yes, that is the key! we realise the only important functions we need to look at are Button1_Click and  Encrypt .

This is the code for both:



It becomes super simple to solve this challenge at this stage. The input parameter is just the text we enter into the textbox and the pass parameter is  Form1.GlobalVariables.assembly which is defined to be the string  __ERROR_HANDLER. All we have to do is reverse the encryption starting with an input that equals  zV5/UFU8PUD3N2T49IBuCwvGzCLYz39tkMZts7rfBU4=. We first decode the base64 string into a byte array and then run the program again but with  rijndaelManaged.CreateEncryptor() changed to rijndaelManaged.CreateDecryptor().

I wrote a small C# program that accomplishes what we want to do:

We run the above program and get our flag!

Flag:  HV15-uQEJ-4HPX-Qcau-Xvt7-NAlP

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