HACKvent 2016: Day 1

05 Dec 2016
CTF: Hackvent 2016
Link to challenge:
Date Completed: 5 December 2016



We confirm that each link does indeed lead to the same destination URL. I can notice a redirection (301 permanent) occurring with each link thanks to a nifty HTTP logging plugin I have for Chrome called Live HTTP Headers. You could also use various online services to check the redirection(s) occurring for each of the 3 links. For example, you could use:

We see the following sequences of redirection for each link:

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3

We notice the string HV16 in the link for Link 1 and that there is 4 characters, then a hyphen, and then another 4 characters in the short URL for each link. This gives me the idea that the text after each link can be combined to create the nugget. We join these strings together, adding a hyphen in between each of the 3 strings, to obtain our flag!

Flag:  HV16-t8Kd-38aY-QxL5-bn4K-c6Lw

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