HACKvent 2016: Day 5

05 Dec 2016
CTF: Hackvent 2016
Link to challenge:
Date Completed: 5 December 2016




This seems like a series of boolean logical operators. As the hint tell use to use 32 bits, we will solve this problem with a quick C++ program so we can guarantee the data type used is 32 bits. Furthermore, we will try both signed and unsigned variants, it turns out that we need to use signed integers for this problem.

We come up with C++ code (splitting up the operations into 3 steps):

We run the program and the the printed result is:

I enter this into the ball-o-matic and get the daily QR code and daily flag!

Day 5 Solution Ball

Flag:  HV16-2wGq-wOX3-T2oe-n8si-hZ0A

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