HACKvent 2019: Day 2

02 Dec 2019
CTF: Hackvent 2019
Link to challenge:
Date Completed: 2 December 2019


HV19.02 Triangulation

File mirror:


We know that a stl file is 3D model file. Thus naturally we open this file up in a 3D model viewer.
On Windows we initially attempt to use 3D Builder.

From the hint that says to ‘not break it’ so we really want to break it and look inside the sphere.
Upon doing so, we quickly notice a QR code (or rather a Aztec code) sitting inside.

After much manipulation in 3D Builder, we still don’t quite have an image which scans with a QR reader:

Thus, we shamefully give up and use Blender to extract the QR code, colour it black and place it on a white background:

This image scans and gives us our flag!

Flag:  HV19{Cr4ck_Th3_B411!}

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