Hackvent 2019: Day 22

23 Dec 2019
CTF: Hackvent 2019
Link to challenge:
Date Completed: 22 December 2019


HV19.22 The command … is lost

Resource mirror:


We inspect our data file and Google some of the hex sequences inside like :100000000C9435000C945D000C945D000C945D0024 and :00000001FF . We soon realise its the hex dump (or machine code) for a program for an AVR micro controller. Based on our search it seems like the dump came from the Atmel ATmega128. We decide to try and use run this hex file in some AVR emulator. As we are on windows we will try using Atmel studio which we have used before for other projects. First we replace spaces with newlines in our hex dump as this seems to allow third party tools to read the file easier.

Next we generate some Atmel ASM code from our hex file using the third party tool ReAVR:

This generates some Atmel compatible ASM code which we try to run directly in Atmel Studio in an empty ASM assembler project.

We receive one error which tells us that  rcall 0x0F78 has a relative jump which is out of reach. We comment it out for now to attempt to run the program.
We let the program run in our debugger and then pause it after some time and inspect our registers in the data segment:

Thankfully, it contains our daily flag!

Flag:  HV19{H3y_Sl3dg3_m33t_m3_at_th3_n3xt_c0rn3r}

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