Hackvent 2019: Hidden 1

06 Dec 2019
CTF: Hackvent 2019
Link to challenge:
Date Completed: 6 December 2019


HV19.H1 Hidden One


During the Day 6 challenge HV19.06 bacon and eggs, we notice there is a lot of suspicious whitespace (space and tab) characters after each line of statistics about Francis Bacon.

As the theme for this challenge was crypto, we Google search for white space cipher. One of the first few results links us to which details Whitespace steganography which can be used to conceal messages by appending whitespace to the end of lines! We download the 32-bit executable for this tool and run it as follows:

Where  input.txt is simply the statistic panel text including all whitespace.

This spits out our flag!

Flag:  HV19{1stHiddenFound}

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