Fix PHP 500 Internal Server Error when using date()

31 May 2016

For a particular project I was working on, I set up a website with a really simple script that used the php date() function. However, the use of the date() function resulted in a 500 internal server error. After some testing, I determined this was caused because of a configuration in php.ini. There was an invalid value for the date.timezone setting.

This is what my php.ini file looked like:

Now if date.timezone is set to an invalid timezone (one that does not exist) then it produces a 500 internal server error. However, Australia/Sydney is a valid timezone and should not result in that behaviour.

I then wrote a little script to see what timezones PHP was recognizing:

This resulted in the following output:

Note that Australia/Sydney is missing from the list. Finally I realised that the timezone file for Australia/Sydney was missing on the box (for some unknown reason).

I was using Centos 6.7 and needed to obtain and replace the missing Sydney timezone file so it was available here:

After making this change and restarting php and apache, the issue was solved!

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