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Fix PHP 500 Internal Server Error when using date()

31 May 2016

For a particular project I was working on, I set up a website with a really simple script that used the php date() function. However, the use of the date() function resulted in a 500 internal server error. After some testing, I determined this was caused because of a configuration in php.ini. There was an invalid value for the date.timezone setting.

This is what my php.ini file looked like:

Now if date.timezone is set to an invalid timezone (one that does not exist) then it produces a 500 internal server error. However, Australia/Sydney is a valid timezone and should not result in that behaviour.

I then wrote a little script to see what timezones PHP was recognizing:

This resulted in the following output:

Note that Australia/Sydney is missing from the list. Finally I realised that the timezone file for Australia/Sydney was missing on the box (for some unknown reason).

I was using Centos 6.7 and needed to obtain and replace the missing Sydney timezone file so it was available here:

After making this change and restarting php and apache, the issue was solved!

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Simple PHP File Download Script

18 Dec 2015

So I recently added a download.php script to my website so that I could force downloads of files instead of having users access them through an indexed directory or through their browser.

I found various scripts online but none of them were as clean as I’d have liked them to be so I wrote my own simple script after a bit of research.

In my setup, the download.php file sits at the root of my website and the filevault folder sites one level higher on the web server. This setup ensures users cannot hotlink to files or directly access them, the script must be used. A benefit of this is that you can add restrictions like allowing a file to be accessed by people from a particular country or by those who have a certain cookie set. If you do not have access to the directory above your websites root directory then you are forced into putting your filevault at the websites root directory.

This is the simple PHP File download script:


The following link would force the download of that_file.txt



You can also download the above script (using the script!):
Download download.php Script


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